Export of household appliances fell

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – The Turkish Home Appliance Manufacturers Association (TÜRKBESD) has released data comparing April production, domestic sales, exports and imports of 4 major products and 6 major commodity groups.

In terms of home appliances, domestic sales increased 27 percent to 841,000 units in April, while overseas sales decreased 54 percent to 1,590,000 units. The data in question was 2 million 301 thousand in April last year. Summing up the results of the first 4 months of the year, the production of six main commodity groups as a sector decreased by 5 percent compared to the previous period and amounted to 10 million 770 thousand units.

While domestic sales increased by 14 percent to 3 million 179 units, exports decreased by 24 percent to 6 million 699 units. Evaluating the data, Gökhan Sygin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TÜRKBESD, said that although the export performance of the sector was undergoing a difficult process under the influence of global economic factors, in fact it was an expected decline, as is well known.

Saying the numbers began to dwindle earlier this year as a result of concerns about energy, insecurity and high inflation following the Russian-Ukrainian war, Sygin said: “We can say that the risk of reduced demand for our exports remains due to general economic shocks and recession signals in Europe”.

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