EYT is expected to become law this week.

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Parliament, which took a three-week break due to the fact that MPs are in the earthquake zone, is resuming work.

The general assembly will first discuss the retirement age proposal.

The EYT proposal, awaited by millions of people, will be accepted within a week. No changes to the offer are foreseen.

Accordingly, those who started working on or before September 8, 1999 will be able to retire. There will be no age limit for retirement.

Applications will be accepted after the entry into force of the law. The first salary is planned to be transferred to the accounts in April.

The Commission for the Study of Earthquakes will be created

The Assembly will also establish an Earthquake Investigation Commission.

The proposals of the 5 political parties on this issue will be combined and discussed at the General Assembly.

The commission will conduct an investigation in the region and receive information from experts. A comprehensive report will be prepared to prevent loss of life and property from earthquakes.

A general discussion of the earthquakes in Kahramanmaras at the General Assembly of the Assembly is also expected.

The case of Basarir and Turkkan is in the Joint Commission

The fezleke process will also work in parliament.

The Constitution and Justice Joint Committee will meet to lift the immunity of Ali Mahir Basarir of the CHP and Lutfi Türkkan of the Iyi Party.

Two deputies will be able to make oral defense in the commission.

Political parties will hold group meetings

Group meetings of political parties will also take place this week. Leaders will assess the agenda from the podium. TRT

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