Facial yoga to eliminate fine lines, wrinkles and sagging

We all know that yoga has many benefits for our body and mind. So what about yoga for the face? Yes, you heard right!

Face yoga is aware of the changes that yoga produces in your body and that you are used to; This will allow your muscles, which over time have formed and become tense from the accumulation of stress, to relax and these muscles work in harmony with your body. Consisting of specific sets of exercises and postures, facial yoga targets stress-prone muscles such as the chin, forehead, eyebrows, eyes, and forehead.

There are several reasons to try facial yoga, which is touted as a harmless and natural alternative to Botox and surgery for fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. facial yoga;

one. Increases collagen production: Facial exercises work every layer of the skin. As a result of the regular work of these layers, blood circulation improves and, thus, more nutrients enter the skin cells. All of this helps your skin retain more moisture.

The result: softer, more elastic and hydrated skin.

2. This is an effective stress reliever. Today, urban life is under the intrusion of intense stress and tension. It’s hard not to be surprised at how much your skin and neck reflect this stress and tension. With facial yoga, you can easily relax your skin muscles when you feel tension.

3. Reduces wrinkles: While some wrinkles begin to form with age, others, such as those around the mouth and eyes, are caused by muscle contraction. Thanks to yoga for the face, you can smooth out the muscles in the most difficult areas of the face.

four. Provides life without chemicals: Cosmetics shelves are filled with creams, serums and even injections that promise youth. With yoga for the face, you don’t need any of that. Face yoga is an extremely natural method.

Facial exercises are recommended to be done six times a week for twenty minutes. This can be frustrating at first and it may take some time to get used to the flow. However, you will find yourself quickly starting to see results, and in as little as two weeks you will notice long-term improvements in your face and neck. Within four months, you will notice that tension and fine lines on the skin have decreased.

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