Fahrettin Koca: “Don’t drink tap water!”

SAFAKNA TURKEY- Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said that 13 public, 1 university, 7 field hospitals, as well as 8 community health centers, 77 family health centers and 101 health houses provide services in the city.

Noting that the Türkoğlu and Nurhak public hospitals have been hit hard, while the Necip Fazıl City Hospital continues to operate, Minister Koca said that there are 120 pharmacies in the province, as well as field hospital pharmacies and mobile pharmacies at 14 different locations, and that there are no problems with the supply of medicines. .

Stating that there are no earthquake casualties still being treated in hospitals in Kahramanmarash, Koca said, “1,789 surgeries have been performed in Kahramanmarash for reasons resulting from the natural disaster. The total number of applications to healthcare institutions is 54 thousand 18, of which 48 thousand 223 are urgent. Across the province, service bed occupancy is 23 percent and intensive care bed occupancy rate is 28 percent. Our 9 hospitals continue to provide home health services. Since the first day of the disaster, 559 patients have received medical care at home. Every other day, ambulances leave for our villages, medical examinations and medical examinations of patients are carried out. Every other day, 61 mobile medical teams leave for 473 settlements.” said.

Recalling that the Alo 184 Health Service call system has been activated, Koca said, “We have been able to reach 78 percent of our patients over 75 so far. Half of these were covered within the province, while chronic drug needs were met locally. The remaining half was determined outside the province. We are trying to provide services in the province where they are located.” he noted.

Saying that they determined that the chlorine ratio was adequate in 1,354 of 1,533 water samples taken in the city, Koca said: “Microbiological and chemical analyzes of water samples are carried out here at our Kahramanmaras Central Public Health Laboratory. These analyzes show that there are risks associated with using tap water as drinking water. Of the water samples taken, 176 were unsuitable. Some of them have microbiological or chemical incompatibility. Based on scientific evidence, the necessary precautions are taken. I want to repeat my strong warning here, let’s not use tap water as drinking water until the governorship and district akimats issue a statement. Water is life, keep it that way and don’t cause disease. As I have said in my previous speeches, under the current conditions there is no situation that threatens public health.” gave his words.

While stating that tetanus shots had been given to earthquake victims and officials working on the ruins in the earthquake area, Koca stressed that earthquake victims should not neglect their tetanus shot, even if it was very mild.

Koca said that the use of masks should not be neglected when removing debris, and that N95 masks can be obtained from medical teams.

Regulations on medical workers

Noting that they have taken new measures for health workers working in the region, Minister of Health Koca said: “Through the Ekip Portal application, an application form has been created so that doctors, nurses and all our medical workers who want to volunteer in the disaster area can submit these requests. Volunteer applications can be reviewed by the relevant provincial health department, and our ministry will carry out assignments according to need. I would like to thank all my friends who apply in advance. We have adopted a different application process for medical workers who are still in the earthquake area and want to be transferred to another province. Applications for the appointment and requests for the appointment of these friends will be accepted through the staff information system.” said.


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