Fascinating look for a new car

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – The problem of having zero cars is getting reinforcements from China. Nearly 4,000 vehicles left the Chinese port of Shanghai for the Turkish port of Derince. A spokesman for the Chinese-Turkish Consulate General shared this breathtaking image on his Twitter account.

The chip crisis that began with the pandemic in the automotive industry has ceased to be a top agenda for many brands. In fact, in some brands, such as Opel, this problem has almost completely disappeared. However, car manufacturers that have overcome the problems associated with production are now experiencing great difficulty in meeting the backlog of demand due to logistical obstacles.

While there is not enough space on ships for cars brought from the Far East, European-made cars cannot be taken out of factories in a timely manner due to a lack of truck drivers. Due to the high demand in Turkey, brands are scrambling for extra costs and bringing cars in through a variety of methods.

There is also a problem with space for ships arriving from the Far East. Some brands have started bringing cars in by container ships, paying more for freight.

Logistics seems to have become a new competitive trump card between brands. China ordered about 58 new vehicles from the country’s shipyards last year, according to a Clarksons Research report. This number is more than the entire existing fleet of China.

With this investment, China aims to control costs and offer more competitive prices for car exports driven by electric vehicles. Car carrier ships dominated Japan for many years. China is trying to eliminate this shortcoming.

On the other hand, a spokesman for the Chinese Consulate General in Turkey posted an image from his social media account showing a ship with 4,000 vehicles leaving Shanghai.

Some of these vehicles will go to the port of Derince in Turkey, and some will go to Italy. Consulate and port officials, with whom we talked about how many cars will arrive in Turkey, said they could not give an exact figure yet.

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