“Fast” stations will appear on EU roads

ISTANBUL (IGFA) – More charging and filling stations for alternative fuels will be created across Europe.

According to news published by Euronews, the European Council has adopted a regulation aimed at facilitating the movement of electric vehicles across Europe. Accordingly, it was announced that fast charging stations would be installed every 60 km on EU roads.

More charging and filling stations for alternative fuels will be set up in Europe in the coming years following the adoption of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR) today.

Starting in 2025, rapid charging stations of at least 150kW for cars and vans will be installed every 60km along major transport corridors under a regulation that will reduce passenger “anxiety” on EU roads.

According to a statement published on the website of the Council of the EU, the articles of the adopted regulation are as follows:

  1. Charging stations with a minimum capacity of 350 kW for heavy vehicles will be deployed every 60 km along the EU’s core network called the “Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T)” and every 100 km on the wider common TEN-T network from 2025, with the entire network covered by 2030.
  2. From 2030, hydrogen refueling stations for cars and trucks will be deployed at all urban hubs and every 200 km along the TEN-T core network.
  3. By 2030, ports with a minimum number of large cruise ships or container ships will have shore-based electricity for these ships.
  4. By 2025, airports will supply electricity to parked aircraft at all gates, and by 2030, all offshore parking lots.
  5. Users of electric or hydrogen powered vehicles should be able to easily pay at charging or filling stations with full price transparency using payment cards or contactless devices and without a subscription.
  6. Charging or refueling point operators must provide consumers with complete information electronically about availability, waiting times and prices at various stations.

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