Fire in the TRNC! Spread on the wind!

TRNC (IGFA) – It was noted that all the relevant units of our state continue to extinguish the fire with great dedication, which started at noon in the southern part of the village of Eshilyrmak in the TRNC and spread under the influence of the wind.

TRNC President Ersin Tatar, in his written statement regarding the fire, said that the first response to the fire was carried out with the help of a helicopter, groups of the GKK, the Department of Forestry, the fire brigade and the groups of the Civil Defense Organization associated with the Command of the Security Forces. the helicopter recorded that he was heading for a transfer to the area.

In his statement, the President of Tatars said: “I would like to emphasize that, in accordance with the directive that I gave, as a result of the initiatives of the President’s Special Representative M. Ergun Olgun through the Crisis Technical Committee, a fire extinguisher aircraft from the Greek Cypriot administration was ready to arrive at place of fire, taking the necessary measures. Despite the resistance created by the wind with air and ground interference, we are keen to get the fire under control.

Meanwhile, according to news reported by TAK, Deputy Prime Minister of the TRNC Hussein Cahitoglu said that the fire continued scattered at 7-8 different points in the Yeşilırmak area.

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