For diesel fuel, a new increase of 1 lira 55 cents was made.

SHAFAKNA Türkiye. By a decision published in the Official Gazette signed by President Erdogan, petrol and diesel fuel were increased by 6 lira per liter.

The SCT, which was 2.52 TL per liter of petrol, was increased to 7.52 TL, and the SCT, which was 2.05 TL for diesel, was increased to 7.05 TL; The price of gasoline, which was sold at 28 Lira, increased from 34 Lira with the increase in SCT, and the price of a liter of diesel increased from 26 Lira to 32 Lira.

As of Friday, July 21, diesel fuel has risen in price by 1 lira 55 cents as part of the increase in fuel prices after the increase in SCT.

According to the current prices of fuel pumps, the cost of a liter of diesel fuel in Istanbul is 33.92 lira. A liter of gasoline is sold at an average of 34.05 lira.

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