Fraternal Iftar in Bulgaria from Bursa Kestel – Details of the news

BURSA (IGFA) – Iftar tents were set up by the municipality of Kestel in Kosukavak, Kirkovo, Sofia, Vetovo and Yeni Mahal in Bulgaria.

About 3,000 people gathered in iftar tents and broke their fast. In addition to Kestel Mayor Onder Tanir, Deputy Mayor Fatih Akın and the accompanying delegation, Bulgarian Ambassador to Sofia Aylin Aitcock, Consul General of the Republic of Turkey in Plovdiv Korhan Küngeru, deputies and mayors took part in the accelerated events programs. Kestel Mayor Onder Tanir said they would continue to organize such organizations to further strengthen the unity and solidarity of Muslims.

Speaking after the reading of the Koran, Kestel Mayor Onder Tanir said: “Our Bursa and Kestel have grown rapidly thanks to the immigration of our citizens from the Balkans, and they continue to grow rapidly. Through this growth, we can reach out to our compatriots living in the Balkans and provide services in the lands that are the relics of our ancestors. Every Ramadan we set the iftar tables to be together with our citizens living in the Balkans. There is abundance and brotherhood on these tables. Here we share our iftar tables and break our fast with our sister municipalities and our brothers in Bulgaria. We are doing our best to keep the spirit and blessings of Ramadan around the world. While we are laying these tables, we want this beauty, this friendship and peace, not only in Ramadan. Spread over 12 months of the year. May there be a permanent brotherhood in these parts without any discrimination of Christian Muslims, Bulgarians and Turks.”

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