Fruit prices have risen by 120 percent!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – According to the Antalya Commodity Exchange (ATB) in February, there was a significant increase in prices for tomatoes, fruits and vegetables year on year. According to ATB’s Tomato, Vegetable and Fruit Market Index, tomato prices rose 109.9 percent, fruit prices rose 120.7 percent, and vegetable prices rose 87.2 percent a year.

Considering the rise in prices for tomatoes, it can be seen that the quantitative index decreased by 26.13 percent. While the annual rate of change in vegetable prices was 87.18 percent, it was announced that the vegetable quantity index decreased by 8.93 percent. Fruit prices rose 120.72 percent year on year in February, and the fruit quantity index was set at 11.92 percent.

Such high price increases may affect the consumption habits of fruits and vegetables by consumers.

On the other hand, ATB did not provide a detailed explanation of the reasons for the increase in prices, but it can be assumed that factors such as seasonal factors, the balance of supply and demand, and production costs may play a role.

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