”Gasoline and diesel fuel at current prices in 2023”

SHAFAKNA Türkiye. After yesterday’s sharp rise in oil prices, today there is an increase in fuel prices.

According to industry sources, from tonight, a liter of gasoline will rise in price by 1 lira 10 cents.

Today, diesel fuel prices will not change.

What will the new prices be?

With today’s increase, the price per liter of gasoline will rise to TL 22.42 in Istanbul, TL 22.77 in Ankara and TL 22.73 in Izmir.

Diesel prices are approximately TL 20.37 in Istanbul, TL 20.73 in Ankara and TL 20.81 in Izmir.

Prices vary between provinces, regions and dealers depending on the distance of the refineries and the profit margin.

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