Gasoline price hike coming – Last Minute Türkiye and World News

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – As of Friday, May 26, gasoline prices are expected to rise by 75 cents.

No price changes are expected in the diesel group.

Gasoline last rose 76 cents on Tuesday, May 23rd.

With the increase, the price of gasoline again exceeded 20 lire.

Current petrol and diesel prices

Istanbul Anatolian side

Gasoline price: 20.93 TL

Diesel price: 19.34 TL

European side of Istanbul

Gasoline price: 20.58 TL

Diesel price: 19.39 TL


Gasoline price: 20.94 TL

Diesel price: 19.75 TL


Gasoline price: 20.93 TL

Diesel price: 19.83 TL

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