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Cellulite is a term that refers to the formation of ridges and dimples on the skin due to the presence of fat cells between the layers of the skin. Cellulite, very similar to orange peel, occurs in 80-90% of women. Cellulite is a condition that can affect both men and women, but it is more common and more easily manifested in women due to the different anatomical distribution of fat, muscle, and tissue. Estimates based on previous research and experience indicate that 90% of women are very likely to develop cellulite at some point in their postpartum life. cellulite treatment This is an effective method preferred by those who want to solve this problem permanently.

The incidence of cellulite increases with age. This is because as we age, the skin becomes thinner, softer and more at risk. Cellulite is rare in men. Experts believe that the various features of the male structure of the subcutaneous tissue and the loss of adipose tissue will reduce the risk of the disease. Cellulite becomes more visible as you gain weight, but some thin people develop cellulite. A sedentary lifestyle and pregnancy can increase your risk of developing cellulite.

What causes cellulite?

Cellulite is genetic to some extent, but mostly depends on our diet and lifestyle. Often this is the result of malnutrition and the return of excess weight to the body in the form of fat.

Cellulite results from an interaction between the connective tissue of the skin layer below the surface of the skin and the adipose tissue immediately below it. Cellulite begins to accumulate more fat cells than normal under the top layers of the skin, known as the dermis and epidermis. In men, a small band of connective tissue that runs diagonally runs vertically between these fat cells, in women it connects the upper layers of the skin directly to the deeper tissues of the body. These bands often form slits or small mesh pockets under the skin. However, when abnormal adipocyte growth is observed, the bands can compress the adipocytes, resulting in dense, soft cellulite tissue. The intersection of these vertical feminine stripes in men is one of the reasons why cellulite is more common in women. Estrogen, insulin, norepinephrine, thyroid hormone, and prolactin are thought to be part of cellulite formation.

It is widely believed among medical professionals that as estrogen levels decline in women approaching menopause, blood flow to the subcutaneous connective tissue also decreases. Circulatory disorders in this area mean that this area receives less oxygen and less nourishment. This leads to a decrease in collagen production. When estrogen levels drop, fat cells increase.

The combination of all these factors can make fat accumulation more obvious. The appearance of cellulite becomes more noticeable when the fat layer under the skin reaches the upper layers through weakened connective tissue. Places where cellulite is visible on the surface of the skin include the arms, legs, and abdomen.

Loss of skin elasticity, thinning and increased sagging of the skin can also exacerbate the release of the fat layer and the growth of cellulite. Genetic factors can influence a person’s metabolic rate, subcutaneous fat distribution, and blood circulation levels, and directly increase the likelihood of developing cellulite. Cellulitis is common in overweight people, but thin and fit people can also develop cellulitis. Cellulite is more common in people over the age of 25, but it also occurs in younger people.

How is cellulite treated?

Cellulite formation cannot be completely prevented. However cellulite treatment to a certain extent, this situation can be prevented. However, a healthy lifestyle can help slow the growth of cellulite and reduce your chance of developing it. In particular, regular physical activity and a healthy diet can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. It has been observed that people who eat a lot of fat, carbohydrates and salt but eat very little fiber are more prone to cellulite. for this cellulite cream It is important that you use Sitting in the same position for long periods of time has also been seen to help with cellulite. Tight clothing restricts blood flow, which can contribute to the formation of cellulite. Various products, such as cellulite removal creams, peels and anti-cellulite scrubs, help treat cellulite and reduce the appearance of orange peel on the skin.

Cellulite Diet Recommendations

Animal proteins, refined foods are high in unhealthy fats, salts and cellulite-causing additives. It is very difficult for our body to use and eliminate them. The remains of these substances in our body clog our tissues and circulatory system. Reducing or eliminating them from your diet provides the necessary foundation for healthier, softer skin.

Nuts and seeds are rich in nutrients such as essential amino acids, fatty acids, and phospholipids. They strengthen the cell wall. A diet that includes these foods will help repair cell walls and prevent dehydration. The best sources of these nutrients are sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, and nuts such as almonds and Brazil nuts. Tomatoes, spinach, and sea vegetables are also good sources. These nutrients provide nutrition to the areas of our body affected by cellulite and cleanse them of toxins.

Vitamin C, zinc and silicates in combination improve the elasticity of our body. Whole foods are always much better sources than supplements. Our body absorbs the nutrients contained in them better. Most vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin C. Zinc is found in pumpkin and watermelon seeds, Brazil nuts and nettle root. Oats, cucumbers and other vegetables are also rich in silicates. The essential oils found in raw seeds, nuts, and extra virgin olive oil help our bodies metabolize the saturated and unhealthy fats we consume.

Seaweed is highly nutritious and detoxifies. Many varieties have a large number of elements; These elements serve to soften fibrous tissues. Wrap your body with seaweed regularly to improve blood circulation and prevent cellulite formation. Also include seaweed in your diet.

Drinking good quality water and in sufficient quantity keeps the cells active and prevents the formation of cellulite. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day and stop drinking coffee, soft drinks, and alcohol. They have a diuretic effect, leave toxic residues and dehydrate cells.

cellulite treatment at home

at home cellulite treatment There are many natural ways and alternatives for those who wish to apply. For the treatment of cellulite cellulite creamThere are such methods as high-frequency, ultrasonic, carboxytherapy, vacuum therapy, electrotherapy, pressure, destructive laser therapy. cellulite treatment These devices, which are effective and especially more specialized in the last stages, are aimed at accelerating blood circulation and correcting the uneven distribution of fat through the use of positive pressure and a vacuum effect. Mesotherapy and injection procedures are treatments for the breakdown of fat cells.

Among those who want to apply cellulite treatment at home cellulite brush It is also one of the most preferred treatments. Exercise is very important as it speeds up blood circulation, raises body temperature and induces sweating. Increased circulation delivers nutrients to the places our bodies need them, raises body temperature and promotes perspiration, and softens fats to make them easier to metabolize and eliminate.

If you do not have the time and motivation to treat cellulite at home, you can also try the anti-cellulite massage method used by professionals. Massage increases blood circulation, breaks down and softens fibrous tissue that traps fats and toxins. Regular massage of areas affected by cellulite and brushing with an anti-cellulite brush will show a positive effect over time. Sauna and infrared sauna are very effective in fighting cellulite. The fatty elements of cellulite soften at high temperatures, begin to melt and are easily metabolized in the body.

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