Global rise in sleeping pill use

Sleep related problems stand out as one of the most important problems of our age. Many of us find it difficult to fall asleep, we wake up with a clicking sound, 5 or 12 hours of sleep is not enough… For some of us, the situation becomes unbearable and we resort to drugs. One can find many studies from around the world on the rise in the use of sleeping pills. So can we talk about alarming growth? Under what conditions should sleeping pills be used? At what point do doctors consider it necessary to take sleeping pills?


Prof. Dr. Gulcin Benbir Shenel presents the painting in Turkey as follows:

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in sleep hygiene disorders and insomnia, especially under the influence of the pandemic. In addition to non-drug treatments for insomnia that recurs at least 3 nights a week and affects not only the quality of nighttime sleep, but also the quality of daytime sleep, despite infrequent complaints of insomnia, drug treatments are often used.

prof. Dr. Benbir Shenel continues: “There has been a significant increase in the use of drugs for sleep due to insomnia, which has increased by 30-60% in recent years, both in the world and in our country.”

Continuing his studies in the sleep laboratory of Medipol University, chest specialist Prof. Mohammed Emin Akkoyunlu said: “Unfortunately, one of the most important problems brought to us by modernity is the problem of sleep. He sheds light on this global phenomenon by saying: “There is a deterioration in the quality and structure of sleep, especially due to increased mental load and reduced physical activity.”

prof. Dr. Akgoyunlu says the following about drug use:

It is necessary to know very well that most of the problems associated with sleep are related to our behavior. For example, reducing our exposure to LED screens, turning off LED screens at least two hours before bed, using curtains to hide the city’s light pollution in the evening, and being in an environment where noise is prevented will already solve most problems. existing sleep problems.


After stating that after trying methods such as sleeping in a calm, cool and quiet environment, using the “LED Diet”, hot showers, exercising during the day, Prof. Dr. Dr. Akgoyunlu says: “If there are problems falling asleep, maintaining sleep, or not being able to provide deep sleep due to an underlying problem that cannot be solved, doctors can prescribe medications.”

In the same direction, Prof. said: “First of all, the rules of sleep hygiene should be determined and regulated in accordance with the lifestyle of a person.” Dr. Benbir Shenel describes the stages of drug therapy as follows:

“The first step in drug therapy is the use of green over-the-counter drugs. However, in resistant patients, green prescription drugs can also be used safely under medical supervision.

Another noteworthy detail is over-the-counter supplements. prof. Dr. While Akkoyunlu states that it is necessary to be very careful when using these supplements, he also states that the dosage determined by the doctor should never be changed, even when taking prescription drugs.

“But this is a double-edged sword situation. These are drugs that can cause serious harm if the recommended dosage is exceeded.”


Finally, prof. Dr. Akgoyunlu says, “Some sleep problems can also occur for reasons unrelated to sleep.Certain neurological or psychological disorders can also cause sleep problems. At this point, it is necessary to use drugs that will eliminate the diseases in question, and not sleeping pills.

prof. Dr. Benbir Shenel, on the other hand, emphasizes regular bedtime and wake-up times for healthy and quality sleep, the importance of stress reduction and regular exercise, and reports the following:

“Activities such as eating, stimulant/alcohol consumption and excessive exercise should be stopped two hours before bedtime. When it comes to sleep, you should go to the bedroom and not do anything in bed that is not related to sleep. In the morning, it should be exposed to natural daylight, and in the evening, subdued light should be used.”

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