Gold continues to rise – last minute Turkey and world news

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – Gold per gram is trading at 1,095 lira, up 0.3% as of 10:30 am after starting a new day up. At the same time, a quarter of the gold is sold for 1795 lire, and the gold of the Republic for 7280 lire.

An ounce of gold is trading at $1,819 today after rising 0.57 percent yesterday to close at $1,814.

“Helps Relieve Anxiety”

Analysts said signs that labor markets, seen in the US data, are starting to fade, albeit slowly in line with the US Federal Reserve’s targets, helped ease fears of a Fed rate hike. .

Low market volume, high volatility

Analysts said gold prices were supported by lower interest rate concerns, adding that volumes were low and market volatility was high as investors juggled the Christmas holidays with the New Year holidays.

Analysts, noting that the US will be watching the Chicago Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) data today, said that technically the support level is $1,790 and the resistance is $1,840 in the price of an ounce of gold.

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