Gold gram, dollar and euro jumped up!

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – Foreign exchange and gold market specialist Adnan Kapikaya said that after the dollar rises to 28 lira, it will fall to 25 lira. Kapykaya said: “There is a very serious movement in the pre-interest markets right now. If we take the previous percentage on the agenda, then it was a tough sell-off, and the dollar reached 23 lira. Then, despite the increase in interest rates, the dollar rose to 26 lira. This time fear. In other words, the biggest reason for this has to do with SCT. Oil is at 34, the fact that the dollar came here with the decision of the Central Bank to announce an interest rate this Thursday raises a question. Interestingly, the Central Bank raises the dollar for foreigners? The Central Bank will probably want to sell it at high interest rates and fill the safe, but after the $28 limit, there could be some serious selling. I think that foreigners will look at this level to sell. Up to 25 can be a relief from there. After this hour, as you can see, the dollar is holding at 27 thousand 10-15. It opened at 26:30 in the morning. Now a serious exit. Those who have money watch TV. There is a decrease in interest rates. There is a decrease in the protection of the currency. But what do you think will happen next? I think people should watch. I can say that the dollar will reach 25 lira after 28 lira with the final exit,” he said.

Citizens, worried about the growth of the dollar, exchange dollars and gold because of the need for Turkish lira. Citizens say that after exchanging dollars, they will continue to withdraw Turkish lira from dollars when they need them.

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