Gold prices fell due to Putin’s statements

SAFAKNA TURKEY – In world markets, risk appetite has declined after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “nuclear war” announcements. With this development, while the dollar index strengthened with a safe harbor effect, US bond yields began to rise. Gold prices have been on a downward trend due to the inverse correlation effect.
During the week, prices per ounce of gold fluctuated between $1,765 and $1,810; today it is regressing compared to yesterday’s closing price. While an ounce of gold is at its highest of $1,788 and its lowest of $1,781 to date; As of 12:11 p.m., it is hovering at $1,784, down 0.18 percent.


While the price of a gram of gold started the new day flat, it reached its highest level of 1072.39 Lira and its lowest level of 1067.44 Lira during the day. A gram of gold, moving down under the influence of a decrease in the price of an ounce of gold, fell by 0.10 percent as of 12:22 to 1069.82 lira. At the same time, a quarter of gold is traded at 1,769 lira, and republican gold at 7,283 lira.

While the price per gram of gold was moving at 1068 lira at the close of the Turkish markets yesterday; a new day began at the level of 1069 lira.

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