Gold started the day up! – Last minute Turkey and world news

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – The price of a gram of gold, which rose yesterday in line with the price of an ounce, closed the day at 1.171 lira, down 0.83 percent.

The price per gram of gold is trading at 1,173 lira, up 0.17% as of 10:50 a.m. after starting a new day up. At the same time, a quarter of the gold is sold for 1920 lire, and the gold of the Republic for 7790 lire.

An ounce of gold that ended the day at $1,918 up 0.75 percent yesterday is finding buyers at $1,919, just above the previous close.

While fears about the banking sector, starting in the US and spreading to Europe, increased market volatility, uncertainty about the steps that will be taken by the largest central banks has increased.

Analysts said that today’s European Central Bank (ECB) interest rate decision is the focus of investors’ attention, and noted that statements by ECB President Christine Lagarde on future monetary policy could increase market volatility.

While the likelihood of an ECB rate hike of 50 basis points has declined to 14 percent in money market pricing, the bank is expected to continue raising interest rates by 25 basis points.

Saying that today, in addition to the ECB interest rate decision, an intense data agenda, especially US housing construction, will be monitored, analysts said that from a technical point of view, $1,890 is in a support position and $1,950 is in a resistance position. for the price of an ounce of gold.

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