Gram analysis of gold before the decision of the interest rate expert!

SHAFAQNA TURKEY-Gold investors are closely following developments in the markets. Gold and money market specialist Senol Kaan conducted an analysis for gold investors ahead of the Central Bank’s interest rate decision, which is expected to be announced around 2:00 pm today. Caan, who warned investors, said that for those who are not careful enough, “they will suffer incredible losses.”

Gold prices continue to be on the agenda. During the markets, eyes were turned to the decision of the Central Bank on the interest rate. As you know, the discount rate was kept at 9 percent at the meeting held last month. While waiting for updated data, the expert asked: “Will the gram fall below 1,000 Turkish liras?” answered the question and warned investors.


Caan, who first did an analysis of an ounce of gold, said that prices could be taken off if there were no closures between the 1834-1840 regions.

Pointing to the 1960 level as the peak area, Caan said that if the pullbacks continue and the price dips below the 1828 areas, “cracks could occur” and said, “Unfortunately, we will most likely see the 1800s levels.” he added.


Stating that the market would provide a buying opportunity and investors should not be stressed, Caan pointed to the 1180s as a hilly region and said, “There are people who buy in these regions, but they need the more cold-blooded thinking of a professor. They come to the conclusion that they think in this way because they know that if they think amateurishly, they will cause incredible damage. said.


“Gold falls below 1,000 Turkish liras?” Stating that for those who ask, anything could happen in the markets and that prices could drop below 1,000 Turkish lira, Kaan said: “It is wrong and logical to immediately give lower levels.”


Stating that the trend below the gram is negative, Caan stated that the 1108, 1104 and 1098 levels are areas to follow. Stating that a move above 1120 would need to occur for the uptrend to begin, Caan said: “As long as there is no movement, this can be seen as an opportunity.”


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