GÜNSEL specialists will share their experience with students – News Details

TRNC (IGFA) – GÜNSEL specialists will teach “Applied Engineering Education”, “CAD Design”, “Vehicle Mechanics and Subsystems”, “Drawing in Electrical-Electronics” and “Electric Vehicle Technology” at the Faculty of Engineering of Near East University in the new academic period.

Near East University, which has realized many research and development projects, especially GÜNSEL, the domestic and national car of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, with the vision of “Entrepreneurial University” adopted by it, continues to share its experience in these projects. it will give a big boost to the country.

Taking the collaboration between universities and industry one step further and bringing them together on the same campus, Near East University has institutionalized this collaboration with an “Academic Advisory Council” that has been established to coordinate the academic processes that the country will carry out with 100 percent certainty. electric car brand GÜNSEL.


The “Academic Advisory Board”, which was established between the two institutions to increase the quantity and quality of research such as projects, publications, lectures and internships, is between GÜNSEL and Near East University; It is aimed at planning cooperation between industry and academia in two directions and increasing its effectiveness. As recommended by the Board; Experienced GÜNSEL specialists will also conduct theoretical and applied courses for students of the Faculty of Engineering of the Near East University and related departments of the Near East University Vocational School, who are guaranteed an internship and employment in GÜNSEL.

Pro-rector of the Near East University prof. Dr. The Academic Advisory Board is formed under the chairmanship of Mustafa Kurt; Dean of the Faculty of Engineering prof. Dr. Bulent Bilgehan, Deputy Dean for Research at the Faculty of Engineering prof. Dr. Fadi Al-Turjman, Head of Automotive Engineering Department, Assoc. Dr. Hussein Hadji, Director of the Vocational School of the Near East University, Assoc. Sezer Kanbul and Head of Computer Programming Assistant. Assoc. Dr. It includes Seren Basharan.


With a new period of study, System Engineer Muhammet Kelesh “Applied Engineering Education”, Life Module Team Leader Emre Uyar “CAD Design”, Drive Module Team Leader Samet Oztürk “Vehicle Mechanics and Subsystems” and Harness Team Leader Pynar Oztürk “Electro-Electronics” He will teach “Drawing” and “Electric Vehicle Technology”. In the near future, new courses will be added to the courses conducted by GÜNSEL professionals.

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