Hak-İş announced its minimum wage expectations

SHAFAQNA TURKEY- Hak-İş Chairman Mahmut Arslan explained his demands and expectations regarding the minimum wage increase.

In an interview with NTV, Arslan asked to take into account the definitions and criteria of the International Labor Organization when determining the minimum wage.

Arslan said:

“Our principle; The International Labor Organization (ILO) takes a basic approach. It talks about a wage at which a worker can live with his family in a humane way. We want employees to be treated like family, not like workers. Family of 4 with an average of 2 married children. It must be founded. Considering inflation plus a serious improvement, I consider it necessary to establish a minimum wage in January.”

Arslan noted that the share of employees in national income has declined despite the increase achieved by adding a share of wealth to annual inflation.


Hak-İş chairman stated that annual food inflation should be included among the criteria for determining the minimum wage and said, “Even if you stick to real inflation, the extra welfare money generated by growth should be included. Despite the fact that the minimum wage has increased 30 times since the 90s, our real wages continue to decline.”

Arslan argued that the Commission for Determining the Minimum Wage should be updated with a broader and more inclusive representation.


While stating that the ratio of minimum wage workers to the total number of workers in the European Union is 15 percent, Arslan pointed out that in Turkey the figure is 38 percent.

Arslan, demanding to restore the tax scale for employees, said: “Let’s fix the tax scale until the crisis period is over. Let’s get it below the lowest tax bracket,” he said.

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