He gave life to his father with his liver

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – Hassan Olgun, who lives in Batman, was diagnosed with hepatitis B at the hospital where he went. During this period, it was found that Olgun had a liver mass. The Olgun family turned to the Dicle University Hospital. Due to cirrhosis of the liver and the mass examinations carried out here, a decision was made to transplant organs. The delegation reported the situation to the Olgun family. Yunus, the family’s 24-year-old son, said he would give his liver to his father, Hasan Olgun. After that, a control was carried out in the hospital and the suitability of the organs was checked. Doctors who successfully passed all the examinations began negotiations on transplantation. The liver transplant was performed surgically between a father and his son, who were taken to surgery. Performing the operation, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Yilmaz, rector of the University of Dicle, prof. Dr. Mehmet Karakoç, chief physician of the hospital prof. Dr. Mehmet Akdag’s employees visited the Olgun family.


Rector prof. Dr. Mehmet Karakoç said that 25-28 thousand people in Turkey are waiting for organ transplants and said: “This is the day of our first liver transplant. We are discharging our patient today. Turkey is waiting for 25 to 28 thousand people. We give life and life with organ transplant. In 2004, an average of 3 donations per year were made. In 2018, this figure reached 77 thousand. Raising the awareness of our citizens along with investing in health is of particular importance here. Every year our citizens wait for organ transplantation. We want our citizens to show the necessary importance for organ transplantation,” he said.

He gave life to his father with his liver


Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Mehmet Akdag stated that Dicle University Hospital is an important health base in the region and said: “As in many other matters, today we performed a liver transplant, taking an important step. Multidisciplinary study of organ transplantation. It doesn’t happen when a doctor or a teacher says, “I’m doing this”, it’s a team effort. Many units provide support. We have teachers with higher education. The preparation and planning of a liver transplant also requires significant investment in this regard. We would like to thank our management for their support in this regard. We planned it and we arrived today. We did our research at Dicle University Hospital. We passed it without health problems. We are discharging the father and the child,” he said.

He gave life to his father with his liver


Hasan Olgun stated that he was very happy and said: “We came here, we met the teacher, thank God. We have translated. We searched and heard the names of Mehmet and Murat Khoja. They did the same in Malatya. We came to them,” he said.

Yunus Olgun, who donated his liver to his father, stated that he would like to donate his organ and said: “It is very nice to give someone a life. I want to thank the teachers, they carried out a very successful operation,” he said.

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