He showed the northern lights in the sky of England! – News details

An EasyJet Airlines pilot made the plane do a 360-degree tour so passengers could watch the northern lights.

According to a BBC News report, the sky was littered with northern lights when an Iceland-Manchester flight arrived in the skies of England.

One passenger, Adam Groves, said seeing the “amazing” northern lights overshadowed his four-day trip to Iceland with his girlfriend to celebrate their engagement.

The Northern Lights are not often seen in the British sky, but they were visible on two nights in a row.

Adam Groves explained that he and his fiancée Jasmine Mapp were sitting on the left side of the plane leaving Reykjavik, and that they would not have seen the Northern Lights if the “kind-hearted” pilot had not made a round-the-world trip in the air.

“We were hoping to see the northern lights there, but it didn’t happen,” says Adam Groves. Our plane took off, we were already halfway when the pilot turned off all the lights, and the lights became visible from the window on the other side.

“We were on the blind side, but a few minutes later the pilot turned around for everyone to see and did a 360-degree circle.”

Seeing the northern lights was the most exciting moment of the couple’s important journey.

Groves proposed to his girlfriend in a picturesque location on the south coast of Iceland, and she accepted.


EasyJet also issued a statement after an additional pilot tour was heard.

A spokesman for the company said: “We are very pleased that the captain was able to perform a controlled maneuver to allow passengers to see in the air one of the most spectacular natural phenomena – the northern lights. Our team will always push the boundaries to satisfy our passengers.”

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