Head of Communications Altun spoke at the European Parliament – News details

ANKARA (IGFA) – Communications Director Altun took part in a panel entitled “Solidarity to overcome disasters” organized by the European Parliament in Brussels. In closing remarks for a panel he attended as a guest of the European Parliament, Communications Director Altun expressed his pleasure at this important meeting.

Saying that more than 15,000 aftershocks have been recorded since then and that nearly 48,000 people have died as a result of the earthquakes, communications director Altun said that hundreds of thousands of people who survived the disaster suffered both physical and psychological trauma.

Stating that this natural disaster, which directly affected 11 provinces in Turkey, had deeply hurt even citizens outside the region, PR director Altun said, “I must say that I have not yet fully recovered from its impact. Even Turkey, which is an earthquake-prone country and has experienced many major earthquakes in its recent past, could hardly understand what had happened. said.

Noting that despite the weight of this burden and the hardships of this ordeal, the Turkish state and nation stood together again, noting that government institutions have emerged as a result of this process, as well as non-governmental organizations, the private sector, sports clubs and the media. with a clear conscience.

Public Relations Director Altun emphasized that Turkey’s foreign friends, including many European countries, did not respond to the call for support and delivered their assistance in cash and in kind to the disaster area, sent search and rescue teams to the region and saved the lives of many people.

Recalling that the Turkish Disaster Response Plan (TAMP), which was set up by the government to prepare for the earthquake, was put into place from the first minute of the earthquake, Communications Director Altun said that although search and rescue operations were launched in accordance with the after-coordination AFAD began to meet the basic needs of earthquake victims, such as food and shelter, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said and explained that from the very first moment, he closely followed, directed and directed the work.

Noting that Turkey has taken many different steps and measures in nearly 20 years to prepare for earthquakes and other natural disasters, Communications Director Altun said: “Shows that he has reached the institutions.” said.

Recalling that President Erdogan recently announced that 98 percent of the buildings destroyed by the earthquake were built before the 1999 earthquake, Public Relations Director Altun said that Turkey took the right steps after the Marmara earthquake, largely took the necessary measures precautions and made progress in building disaster-resilient cities. He said it was visible.

Communications Director Altun said that there is a clear need for strong and stable political will in terms of rebuilding cities destroyed by the Catastrophe of the Century and continuing ongoing urban transformation projects with a green urban philosophy.

Noting that the state has supported its citizens with all its institutions and organizations from the very first moment after the Catastrophe of the Century, Communications Director Altun said: “With the coordination of AFAD, tens of thousands of civil servants from our military to our police, from our medical workers to our search and rescue groups, reached the earthquake area and began the necessary work. We have witnessed how government officials living in the region rush to help people without even thinking about the safety of their families.” said.

Altun stressed that the state as a whole was mobilized after the earthquake.

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