Healthy lifestyle slows down memory loss

SAFAKNA TURKEY- According to news in CGTN, researchers from the China National Center for Mental and Neurological Diseases and other medical institutes followed 29,000 people, 49 percent of whom were women at least 60 years of age with normal cognitive ability for 10 years.

Participants were selected from 12 provinces representing China’s geographical characteristics, degree of urbanization, economic situation, food, cultural and social differences.

At the start of the study in 2009, participants were tested for various memory functions and Alzheimer’s disease. Tests showed that about 20 percent of the participants were carriers of the Alzheimer’s disease risk gene.

6 Structures of Healthy Lifestyle Factors

Participants surveyed in 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2019 were analyzed across 6 healthy lifestyle factors, including healthy eating, regular exercise, active social relationships, active learning, smoking cessation, and alcohol use.

During the 10 years of follow-up, 7,164 participants died and 3,567 dropped out of the study for various reasons.

In the study, participants with fit and moderate lifestyles experienced slower memory loss than participants with negative lifestyles, even if they were carriers of the Alzheimer’s risk gene.

Healthy eating slows down memory loss

It has been established that the factor that has the most positive effect on memory is a healthy diet.

It also turned out that active cognitive activity, regular physical exercises, active social interaction, refusal of smoking and drinking alcohol, in turn, have a positive effect on memory.

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