Heart attacks and cancer cases exploded!

SAFAKNA TURKEY- Recently dr. Ender Sarak’s claim that heart attacks, thrombosis and cases of turbocancer are common among those who have received the mRNA vaccine and those who prefer the BioNTech vaccine are concerned. While the effects of vaccines are being debated around the world, Florida Surgeon General and State Health Agency chief Dr. M. Joseph A. Ladapo published the results of mRNA studies of coronavirus vaccines, according to which it was stated that vaccines increase mortality due to problems with heart and heart attacks by 84 percent in men aged 18-39 years.

In Germany, mRNA vaccine companies such as BioNTech and Moderna have come under suspicion. Crown Vaccine “risk of stroke and death” Thousands of people have demanded compensation for its side effects, and hundreds of people’s claims have been accepted. With the increase in cases of cancer and heart attacks in Turkey, “Were the opponents of vaccination right?” discussion began.

Referring to the increase in cases of heart attack and cancer in the main TGRT newsletter. “Opponents of vaccination, who were once ignored, are now being listened to. Why, because there is an increase in cases of heart attack and cancer. The incidence of cancer has increased by 10%. Heart attack cases increased by 15 percent, from 300,000 to 350,000. it was said.



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