Here are the lowest and highest meat prices

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Meat and Dairy Authority and the Istanbul Association of Food and Essential Retailers (PERDER) have decided to work together to fix Ramadan meat prices. To date, the price of ground beef is 190 Turkish Lira per kilogram, and 210 Turkish Lira per kilogram of ground beef has been sold in PERDER member markets.

Those who came to the Institute of Meat and Milk, where minced meat was sold for 119 Turkish lira, and meat in cubes for 129 Turkish lira, demanded a new store. In butcher shops and markets outside PERDER, minced meat is sold for 320 lira, and meat in cubes for 350 lira.


Faruk Güzeldere, Chairman of the Board of the Istanbul Food and Necessary Retail Association (Istanbul PERDER), shared details on the application of price fixing.

Guzeldere said: “Recently, there has been a rapid increase in the price of red meat. If we look at the price of a beef carcass, which was 126 lira in January, today it is almost 220 lira. There’s a 100 percent increase. Price volatility pushed us to look for solutions. As a result of the work that we have done with the Meat and Dairy Institute, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, in order to at least benefit our citizens on the occasion of the start of Ramadan, we are supplying meat through the Meat and Dairy Industry. Dairy establishment and we have set the price of minced meat from 190 TL and the price of cubed meat from 210 TL. Today we started selling at these prices to our members who have a butcher shop and are participating in the campaign.”


Güzeldere said: “Istanbul consumes about one third of the red meat in Turkey. We supply meat to Istanbul from Anatolia. In order to reduce the supply from Anatolia here, when the meat arrived in Istanbul, it was delivered to our consumers at higher prices along with its logistics and other costs. The goal here is to try and reduce the growth and fever of meat with supplies in Anatolia. The recent speculative growth cannot be explained by costs. Earthquake affected areas make up a very small part of our animal population. It is not even expressed in 1%. In the first week of the earthquake it was 30-40 liras, and in the last week it was about 30 liras more. This cannot be explained by cost. “There are serious speculations,” he said.


Guzeldere said: “We do not have meat profitability. During these periods, we cannot make a profit or loss. Meat will not be given to businesses operating in bulk or on a commercial basis. Our goal is to get to the family pot. We will present it completely to our consumers. There is currently no limit. Our goal is to reach out to our citizens broadly and broadly. Now he can gain 1-2 kg. We also say to our citizens, don’t stock up, there’s no need for that. Let’s buy as much as we need without disturbing the balance of supply and demand. If we stockpile, we will enter into the rights of others,” he said.


Buyers who came to the market on the first day of price fixing also expressed satisfaction with the prices.

Saadet Durmush also said, “I think the price situation is good. Many people still could not buy meat, they had problems. Nice fix, I hope it stays that way. We are happy with the prices now. There were not many purchases, and if they did, they tried to buy for 100 lira, a pound or even less, like a lunch or two. If this continues, I think that at least the purchasing power of people will increase,” he said.

General Yusuf Ozdogan said about the purchases in the market: “If the prices remain the same, I think that the fixation is good. We couldn’t get it before, but now maybe we can get it. I saw 260, 270 lire. I was amazed today when I saw 210 lire. These prices will not fall, but rather remain. But I don’t think so, let’s hope it stays that way,” he said.


Yuksel Ozcan, who came to the Meat and Milk Institute, said: “I came to buy minced meat, they say that there is no minced meat. I drove for an hour and a half, nothing in the middle. I became a victim. I waited 3 hours, there is no stuffing,” he said. Ramazan Shahin said: “There is one of these institutions on the European side. You come, you don’t go. 300 lire elsewhere, 100 lire here. There is nothing we can do for him,” he said.

Arzu Gunaydın said: “I want similar establishments to open in other parts of Istanbul. Sometimes I come at half past seven, today I was late, I waited half an hour. We usually wait 2 hours. The prices are very reasonable. That’s really half the price of butchers. Came today with my daughter, bought 2 pieces. For this price I can get 1 kg from the butcher, here I get 2 kg. I would like all the markets to be at such prices so that we can take the meat to our home and cook it,” he said.


Salih Demir said: “I waited for 1 hour, minced meat was left, I bought minced meat. Nothing more. There is no meat for cubes, it ends earlier in the morning, because it is very crowded. If the prices weren’t right, so many people wouldn’t come here and wait here, I wouldn’t be standing in line at this age. A person has at least 100 lira profit,” he said. Metin Sari said: “The prices are reasonable, there are no problems. This is half the difference with the butchers. region. I have ground beef and cheese. They lose weight by 1 kg per person, I bought it with my son,” he said.

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