Here is the probability that the price of bitcoin will reach 1 million!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – AI App Bard, Former Coinbase CTO and Prominent Investor Balaji Srinivasandays gone by Bitcoin price will rise to $1 million in 90 days suggested about bet evaluated.

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Bard, bitcoin price to many factors when stating that it is connected implementation probability 10% said that. your bid risky stating that artificial intelligenceenough theses do not support attracted attention.

Bard next after 90 days This could affect the price of bitcoin macroeconomic AND regulating factors, but global markets evolve if this continues to bitcoin demand development escort said he would.

The arguments put forward by artificial intelligence on this matter are about the crypto-money sector and bitcoin. global regulatory framework AND investor sentiment taking into account these factors, the implementation of the current rate may have an effect stated.

In general, the implementation of the rate depends on many factors Bard who claims that Srinivasanbid invest For risky concluded that it was.

On the other hand, experts say that the analysis of artificial intelligence is enough small and his arguments unreasonable, random from information happened argued, but Balaji’s bet to accuracy didn’t comment on it.

Popular AI App on Coinbase Lately ChatGPT With risk assessment of smart contracts assessment of artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence competence. unable to provide explained.

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