His stomach was completely cut out!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Sherif Cetin, 52, who lives in Gaziantep and is suffering from advanced stomach cancer, has previously visited many medical institutions due to health problems. Çetin, who was told that his condition was dangerous and that the operation could not be performed, went to Anka Private Hospital in Gaziantep as a last resort after his research. Specialist in Gastroenterology Assoc. Dr. Cetin, who was examined by Mehmet Ali Yagci, was taken to the operating room immediately after the tests and examinations. During the operation, the patient’s stomach was completely removed and a new stomach was made from the small intestine.

Sheriff Chetin, who regained his health after the operation, said: “From the moment I found out I had stomach cancer, I fought a lot for treatment. I started having serious problems. They said that they could not interfere with the health care institutions that I applied to. I did research and saw that such risky surgeries are successfully carried out in Anka Hospital. Our doctor restored my health with a successful operation. I can’t find the words to say. For dedicated service and attention during and after Dr. Yagci said, “I would like to thank the management and staff of ANKA Hospital.”

Bound to life with a stomach from the small intestine

Specialist in Gastroenterology Assoc. Dr. Mehmet Ali Yagci, on the other hand, gave information about the operation and said, “Our patient is a patient with advanced stomach cancer. After our examinations, we assessed his condition and immediately took him to the operating room. We took our patient’s entire cancerous stomach and made a new stomach from the small intestine.. Our patient’s condition is now good. We are happy to discharge him healthy,” he said.

Noting that stomach cancer is one of the most common oncological diseases in our country, Assoc. Dr. Yagji said: “Stomach cancer, which is more common in men than women, can be diagnosed early and controlled with the right treatments thanks to advances in technology in recent years. The symptoms of stomach cancer are very important for detecting the disease at an early stage. I recommend that you see a specialist doctor as soon as you notice various digestive disorders, stomach pains, and indigestion complaints.

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