How many thousand lira can be the lowest pension?

SAFAKNA, Türkiye. A proposal to increase pension income by 25% will be discussed at the General Assembly of the Assembly.

While many segments consider the increase insufficient, some pensioners receiving 7,500 lira will not see an increase at all, since this increase is reflected in the basic pensions.

In a statement yesterday, MHP chairman Devlet Bahceli said, “We expect and demand that the 8,000 allowances planned to be added to the salaries of civil servants be reflected in the base salary as well as in pensions.”

Speaking to Milliyet, economist Muhammet Bayram stated that the minimum pension is at 5,000 as a base salary and said: “If we increase it by 8,000 Turkish liras, this corresponds to an increase of 160 percent. It reaches the level of 13 thousand,” he said.

Bayram continued his words as follows: “The highest pension is at the level of 20 thousand, if we add 8 thousand Turkish liras, it will increase by 40 percent. An unfair balance of wages should not be done here. In my opinion, raising inflation above 25% is not enough. I think we need to increase by 30 percent.

An increase of TL 8,000 causes an imbalance in the wages of pensioners. The insurance premium causes an imbalance between high and low payers. Our proposal is to increase this increase from 25 percent to 30 percent.

Where can I find out the basic salary and additional payment?

Our pensioners are already receiving a 4% increase in wages. As a rule, pensioners received a tax refund. When this compensation is withdrawn, an additional payment of 5% is made to the basic salaries, that is, the lowest salaries, and 4% to the highest salaries in the form of additional payments. When our pensioners enter their employment records through e-government, they can see the additional payment they receive on top of their basic salary.

Pensioners are already getting a holiday bonus for this. I am one of those who believe that a proportional increase, not a raise, should be made in order to avoid a gap between those who pay higher insurance premiums and those who pay less, and to eliminate the disparity in wages. We are looking forward to the minimum pension of 7500 TL, which should increase to 10 thousand TL. The gap between the minimum wage and the minimum wage should not increase.”

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