SHAAFQNA TURKEY – USD/TL is trading at 18.9970, just above the previous close at 10:30 am after a new day started flat. In the same minutes, the euro/Turkish lira is sold at 20.1590 with an increase of 0.3% and at 22.9560 with an increase of 0.3%.

The dollar index, which was in an uptrend yesterday and ended the day at 104.6 up 0.8 percent, is now stabilizing at 104.5 while the euro/dollar parity is at 1.0610 an increase of 0.3 percent.


Analysts said that risk perception in the markets has eased after Credit Suisse announced that it has provided about $54 billion of funds from the Swiss Central Bank (SNB) and that the European Central Bank (ECB) monetary policy decisions are currently in the focus of investors.

While the likelihood of a 50 basis point increase in ECB money market rates has fallen to 14 percent, the bank is expected to continue raising interest rates by 25 basis points.

Analysts said that today, in addition to the ECB’s Eurozone interest rate decision, there will be an intense data agenda following, especially on US housing starts, and noted that technically 104 in the dollar index is support and 105 is resistance. .

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