How much will civil servants and pensions increase?

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – With the announcement of June inflation, the eyes of civil servants and retirees turned to news of a rise from the government. Increase rates will be determined by the share of wealth in addition to 6-month inflation.

Consumer inflation in June amounted to 38.21 per annum. Inflation for 6 months amounted to 19.77 percent. Thus, the difference in inflation for 6 months was 19.77 percent.

At this rate, the increase in the wages of civil servants without taking into account the social share will be 17.55 percent.


In addition to the inflationary difference, civil servants are waiting for a salary increase, which the government should make. Accordingly, with a resolution that will soon go to Parliament, the lowest salary of civil servants will be increased to 22,000 Turkish liras. Other civil servants will be gradually promoted according to criteria such as rank and degree.

Erdogan said: “On Wednesday, July 5, our 6-month inflation rate will be updated. As soon as the inflation rate becomes clear, we will fulfill the promises made to our civil servants and pensioners. “All issues that require the approval of parliament before the recess, we leave it to the discretion of our parliament,” he said.

Normally, SSK and BAĞ-KUR pensions were increased by 6-month inflation rate in July, and civil servants’ salaries and civil servants’ pensions were increased by 6-month inflation difference + 6 percent. However, this year these rates will change, as the social security share will be given away separately from the difference in inflation and the increase in the collective agreement.


In addition to inflation and wealth share indicators, the growth rates of pensioners SSK and Bağ-Kur were also determined. Salary increases for SSK and Bağ-Kur pensioners in July will be made at the 6-month CPI rate CPI in January and June 2023.

The lowest root pension of SSK members before 2000 was 6 thousand 93 TL. When these pensions are increased by 19.73 percent, the monthly root will increase to TL 7,295, and after July they will continue to receive TL 7,500 every month.

In January, the lowest salary of pensioners who received a 30 percent social assistance supplement increased to 7,500 Turkish liras. Together with the share of social security, the increase in pensions will be determined by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population.

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