How much will the net salary of EYT members increase?

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – With EYT regulation, those who retire and continue to work will have a pay advantage. This increase will amount to TL 638 for the minimum wage.


Thus, an EYT worker who currently earns a minimum wage of TL 8,500 will receive a net salary of TL 9,145 if he retires and continues to work.

PIN falls in half

Social security contributions and unemployment insurance contributions are deducted from 15% of the gross salary of SGK members each month. For those who have retired and continue to work, only 7.5% of the social security contribution is deducted from their gross salary. This premium difference will be reflected for all retired SGK members who continue to work. For example; When an employee retires and continues to work with the same gross salary, the insurance premium deduction will drop to 7.5 percent, that is, to 750.60 lira. Income tax in the amount of 112.59 liras will be deducted from this amount. The worker will receive 9,144.81 lira. The net wages of a worker will increase by 638.1 lira.”

Gross salary: 10,008 TL

Employee net salary: TL 8,506.80
Pensioner net salary: TL 9,144.81
Difference: TL 638.01

Gross salary: TL 11,000

Employee net salary: TL 9,215.99
Pensioner net salary: TL 9,917.24
Difference: TL 701.25

Gross salary: 12.000 TL

Employee net salary: TL 9,930.90
Pensioner net salary: TL 10,695.90.
Difference: 765.00 TL

Gross salary: 13,000 TL

Employee net salary: TL 10,645.81
Pensioner net salary: TL 11,747.56.
Difference: TL 828.75

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