How the dollar met the new year

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – After seeing a low of 18.6823 and a high of 18.7273 on Friday, the dollar/Turkish lira closed the day at 18.7093.

Starting the new week with growth, dollar/Turkish lira is trading at 18.7250, up 0.1% from the previous close at 10:40. In the same minutes, the euro/Turkish lira traded at 20.0020, down 0.1%, and at 22.6160, down 0.1%.

After testing its lowest level since June 10, 2022 at 103.39 today, the dollar index is currently trading at 103.5, down 0.3 percent from its previous close.

The EUR/USD parity, on the other hand, has stabilized at 1.0680 after hitting its highest level since April 25, 2022 (1.0795 today).

Analysts said risk perception remains strong due to an uncontrolled rise in cases after China lifted measures to combat a new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) in global markets, and noted that the macroeconomic data calendar, which will be intense for throughout the week, will have an impact on the direction of the markets.

Analysts who said the Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) data will be released today in Germany and the Eurozone said 104.4 is technically in a resistance position and 103 is in a support position for the dollar index.

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