Hurricane Yang hit the USA! – News details

Hurricane Yan hit the southwest coast of the US state of Florida, causing heavy rains, strong winds and major flooding.

bbc news According to the report, the hurricane caused wind speeds up to 250 kilometers per hour. Millions of people along the route of Hurricane Yang were ordered to evacuate their homes. Those left behind face one of the most dangerous hurricanes to hit the United States in decades.

The hurricane, which de-energized the entire island of Cuba, left more than two million Florida residents without electricity.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said, “Pray for the people,” saying Jan was a “historic” size hurricane, and said, “It’s going to be a bad, bad day.”

It is believed that most of the damage Yang will cause will be caused by a major storm, as the ocean waters swell with the force of the storm and wash ashore.

On the other hand, Eric Salna of the International Storm Research Center said: “The Gulf of Mexico is literally moving towards the coast, towards the beaches, towards the communities. “Until you see the water intrusion with your own eyes, it’s hard to even imagine it,” he said. Salna also noted that, statistically and historically, water has killed more people than strong winds, stressing that Hurricane Ian is “the worst amount of water.”

The hurricane primarily affected the densely populated areas of Tampa Bay and St. Louis. Petersburg, but the hurricane reached land further south.

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