Ibn Sina: These products will live up to 100 years!

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – A healthy lifestyle helps us avoid disease. So what foods are good for health? Here is the answer…


He recommends consuming pine nuts, which are one of the rare foods rich in vitamin K, especially for people who have had partial or facial paralysis.

Pine nuts, which also contain vitamin C, help repair the cellular damage caused by a stroke.

dead nettle

When the mucous in the throat and lungs decreases, it becomes difficult for a person to breathe. This leads to a decrease in mucosal moisture, usually caused by viruses.

When you breathe, there is tightness in your chest and bouts of coughing. Ibn Sina says that the best remedy for this is nettles.

It increases the moisture of the mucous membranes of the throat and lungs by boiling and eating nettles, which causes intense itching of the skin when touched. In addition, due to the substance it contains, which has a burning effect on the skin, it prevents all viruses in the body from sticking to cells or organs.


With age, the deformation of skin cells increases, which negatively affects the radiance and vitality of the skin. To avoid this situation, Ibn-i Sina recommends eating beans regularly from childhood.

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