Ibn Sina’s most effective brain-relaxing spice!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Headache is a type of pain for which many people cannot find a cure. Ibn-i Sina described a method that is useful for headaches and recommended it even to people who do not have this problem.

The recipe proposed by Ibn Sina is as follows:

Pour 5 cups of drinking water into a saucepan.

Then put in it a pinch of tea tree leaves, dried mint and eucalyptus herb.

While this water is boiling, try to inhale the steam in the pot as you should.

Relax your muscles by massaging your forehead upwards.

When taking a bath, pour boiled sea water into a bucket for the last wash and inhale the water through your nose and blow your nose. Pour the rest of the water over the whole body. This method helps with headaches and relaxes the brain.

Tea that helps with headaches

The problem of headaches caused by stress can be solved with the help of plants that help with stress. Such plants include lemon balm, sage, lavender, valerian, centaury and linden. According to experts, the answer to the question of what helps with severe headaches chamomile tea and rosemary tea. Peppermint and ginger stand out among other herbs that help with headaches. As with the treatment above, Ibn-i Sina recommended mint for headache hundreds of years ago. So much so that even the sense of smell is good for the brain.

Recommended by Ibn Sina, mint has amazing health benefits. Among them; ease digestion, help lose weight, prevent nausea, relieve fatigue and headaches It ranked first. Mint is also used in the treatment of asthma, memory loss, and skin problems.

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