Iletishim’s tough response to National News

ANKARA (IGFA) – Communications director Fahrettin Altun asked Rashida Dergham in his letter, “How does the rest of the world feel about Erdogan’s re-election efforts?” In his article titled, he stated that he correctly stated that the elections to be held in Turkey will have “not only local significance, but also geopolitical consequences”, and stated that it is also true that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is an important an actor in the “regional and global geopolitical arena”.

On the other hand, PR Director Altun stated that he did not agree with the author’s linking Turkey’s foreign and national security policy with domestic politics, and emphasized that President Erdogan’s major political decisions reflect his determination to protect Turkish citizens and interests. in a world where uncertainty is increasing. Communications Director Altun said the following in his letter:

“I remember how our country reacted to the Syrian crisis. Turkey, the country hosting the largest number of Syrian refugees in the world, has taken an active part in the counter-terrorism operations carried out against Daesh, the PKK, the internationally recognized terrorist organization, and the YPG. the Syrian branch of this organization. We remain determined to play a “stabilizing” role in the region. Turkey’s attempts to link its response to terrorist threats emanating from Syria with domestic politics ignore the numerous attacks by armed groups nesting in northern Syria, both against Turkish citizens and against safe zones where millions of Syrians have taken refuge.

Similarly, Turkey has taken a constructive and realistic approach to preventing and ending the Russian-Ukrainian war. By preventing warships from entering the Black Sea, President Erdogan has used his personal relationship with Zelensky and Putin to serve peace and stability in the region. Thanks to the efforts of our President, meetings of Russian and Ukrainian officials and even foreign ministers took place in Turkey, and a food corridor was opened that averted a global food crisis. In addition, the administration of President Erdogan played a key role in the exchange of prisoners. Finally, a meeting was held in our country between the heads of American and Russian intelligence; Thus, the nuclear threat in the Black Sea was brought under control.

Moreover, President Erdogan’s statement that “NATO has a headache” is an unfair and unrealistic interpretation.

Turkey, which joined the Alliance in 1952, is one of the organization’s strongest members. Commanding NATO’s second largest army, he has made an active contribution to operations in places like Afghanistan and Kosovo.”

“Citizens will determine the future of Turkey”

Recalling that Sweden and Finland have expressed their continued support for NATO’s open door policy regarding Sweden’s and Finland’s membership bids, Director of Communications Altun said he would like these countries to review some of their policies, which he is concerned about may undermine the values ​​of the Alliance.

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