Important note about eggs

SAFAKNA TURKEY- Afyon Kodatepe University (AKU), Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Microbiology, lecturer, prof. Dr. Esra SugarHe said poultry meat and eggs should be consumed after being cooked at high temperatures to prevent bird flu and bacterial diseases from being transmitted to humans. prof. Sugar noted that eggs should be washed before consumption.

Veterinary Faculty of ACU Lecturer of the Department of Microbiology prof. Dr. Esra Sheker stated that diseases can be transmitted from poultry to humans and drew attention to bird flu and bacterial diseases.

prof. Dr. Sugar, “Diseases such as salmonellosis, which we see most often; There are diseases that can be transmitted through the consumption of poultry meat and poultry eggs. For the prevention of these diseases, it is very important to consume poultry meat by heating it at high temperatures, and in the same way to consume eggs that have undergone high-temperature processing.

Especially avoid eating raw eggs and foods made from raw eggs. For example, it is important to limit the consumption of foods such as mayonnaise sauces that we prepare at home, mayonnaise sauces that we consume outside the home, or pastry creams, especially during periods of severe illness.” said.

Eggs must be washed before eating.

Emphasizing the need to store eggs in the refrigerator, Prof. Dr. Esra Sugar, “For example, we brought it home from the market. After putting it in the refrigerator, we need to wash it at the consumption stage. Because the tiny holes that can be found in the eggshell when we pre-wash it, and which we cannot see with our eyes, can allow bacteria to enter.” He said.

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