In 2 days mobile phones will get a big increase!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – For smartphones, the surveillance app has a new rule introduced by the Department of Commerce and effective from 2020.

With the communique to amend the communique on the introduction of import supervision, published in the Official Gazette last month, the customs value of a smartphone unit has been increased from $200 to $350. The communique will enter into force on 28 March.

Now, importing products with a unit price below $350 will require a special supervision certificate from the General Directorate of Imports. Implementation of import supervision is introduced in order to prevent tax losses associated with imports. The application is said to be aimed at protecting the domestic manufacturer.


In accordance with the new regulation, the cost of a mobile phone imported without paying taxes is about 3,800 Turkish liras, from March 28 it will rise in price by at least 2,500 Turkish liras. If you add other taxes such as SCT, VAT, TRT Bandrol to this, the price of the phone will increase to 10,500 Turkish liras.. First, 1% of the share of the Ministry of Culture is withheld from smartphones entering Turkey, and then 10% of the TRT Bandrol collection. Then 50 percent of SCT is added to all these figures. The price of the phone is doubled at least by deducting 18% VAT from the resulting figure.


According to CumhuriyetErtan Shensoy, Deputy General Manager of Vivo Turkey, also said that in this scenario, the number of new imported smartphones will increase by 20 percent in the first stage.

Ertan Şensoy, Deputy General Manager of Vivo Turkey, said that due to rising prices and economic uncertainty in the Turkish market, the phone changeover period has increased from 18 to 48 months in recent years.

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