In the summer, unknowingly turning on the air conditioner can cause eye diseases.

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – With the approach of African temperatures in Turkey, he talked about the effect of air conditioners, which are often used, especially at home and at work, on the eyes at Etiler Dünyagöz Hospital. Dr. Aylin Akbay said: “While the air conditioner cools the environment, it also takes moisture away from the environment. The eye also suffers greatly in this case. Because air conditioning; This causes liquid to evaporate on the surface of the eye, between our eyelids and our eyes. Thus, the friction between the eyelid and the eye increases. Then the patient begins to feel dry eyes. Dry eye is a very common and common condition in outpatient clinics. There are 2 types of dry eyes. One of them is the absence of tears, and the other is the rapid removal of tears from the surface and evaporation. Most often, we observe the rapid evaporation of tears. Air conditioning also greatly increases this,” he said.

“PATIENT COMPLAINTS OF BURNING, tingling, itching and watery eyes”

Kiss. Dr. Aylin Akbay said: “Air conditioning harms our eyes because it reduces tears on the surface of our eyes. We said it was dry eyes. This indirectly makes the surface of the eye prone to infections. In other words, it increases the frequency of viral and bacterial infections. It also increases the frequency of allergic conjunctivitis reactions in the eyes. So the patient; Often there are complaints of burning, tingling, itching and lacrimation.


While emphasizing that conditioner dries out the surface of the eyes, it also causes eye problems for contact lens wearers, Op. Dr. Akbay said: “If they do not come for regular and scheduled check-ups and do not use well, dryness of the eye surface is more common. Conjunctivitis is more severe. We even come across a condition called corneal inflammation, i.e. keratitis, a condition that can lead to reduced vision.

Claiming that people with rheumatologic connective tissue disease, those on systemic drugs, diabetics, and thyroid patients already have problems with dry eyes, Op. Dr. Akbay said:

“For these people, air conditioning can cause more serious consequences and cause more serious damage. You may observe conjunctivitis more seriously. The more severe the patient’s conjunctivitis, the more damage may remain on the surface of the eye, or the more severe the dry eye. One of the most important things in summer is not to sit against the air conditioner. For example, we use the air conditioner while driving or look at the computer or mobile phone in the office. When these devices are used, our blink rate is already reduced. It drops to one in ten to fifteen seconds. When adding conditioner, the eyes become drier. So he should not sit in front of the air conditioner. Secondly, the filters and ducts of the air conditioner need to be thoroughly cleaned. If we use air conditioning, there must be a humidifier in the room. After a certain amount of work, it should stop. If you are not in the environment, the air conditioner must be turned off to allow moisture to accumulate again.


Kiss. Dr. Finally Akbay said: “We have taken measures for air conditioning. We took care of its cleanliness. If we use contact lenses, we have reduced contact lens time. These are non-therapeutic measures that we can take. Other measures may be gentle tear drops or oral tablets that increase tearing. And drinking plenty of water is also important. In addition, as I said, the severity of dry eyes has increased in contact lens wearers and other patients. If an infection joins it, they should definitely see a doctor immediately and get proper treatment. Also, never use tear drops on your own. The use of tears should be on the advice of a physician. Because tears also come in different forms. There are disposable and reusable. Their content is also changing. That’s why you should choose a personalized teardrop. So you don’t have to go and buy drops at the pharmacy. Some roofs may even contain cortisone. And when you use cortisone drops, things can turn into a more serious form, ”he warned.

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