Increase in salaries of civil servants and pensioners by 25 percent

SAFAKNA TURKEY – President Recep Tayyip Erdogan took part in the “Contract Soldiers’ Holiday” at the ATO congress.

In his speech here, President Erdogan announced that the salary increase for civil servants, civil servants and all other pensioners will be 25 percent. Thus, the annual increase in wages of civil servants amounted to 77.11 percent.

The highlights of President Erdogan’s speech are as follows:

We will see that the downward trend in inflation will continue. This year, we aim to completely de-foam inflation and remove it from our agenda next year.

– The rate of wage increase was 16.48 percent. This figure was 15.4 for SSK and Bağ-kur pensioners.

– I would like to announce the good news that we will be applying a pay increase rate of 25 percent for civil servants, civil servants and all other pensioners.

– As a justification for the status of a spouse, it will not be required that the other spouse be a public servant. They will be able to carry over the unused leaves to the next year. They will also have the right to go on vacation.

“We recently responded to the staffing expectations of our approximately 500,000 contractors. We manufacture permanent solutions for our personnel under contract in a wide area.

I wish that this step, which has affected 500,000 of our brothers and their families, be beneficial. Having an understanding that sees service to society as serving the right, we serve our nation with this understanding.


Unionism is not just about wage negotiations. Whether it be the public or private sector, it must protect the worker’s law. Trade unions are also at the forefront of the fight for rights and justice. The factor that determines the effectiveness and strength of trade unions is that they look in the same direction as society.

As Turkey, we have witnessed this bitter truth in our struggle for rights and freedoms and economic development for a century.

– We have seen that tension and polarization are fueled. We have seen that some alliances are used as pawns and supported.


– We saw that they applauded the putschists as a gang of five under the name of unionism.

Together with the Memur-Sen community, we have overcome all attacks, from the April 27 announcement to the Gezi events and the July 15 betrayal.

– We saw how they were placed in front of the door, including the metropolitan municipalities. They will return to their duties with legal regulation.

– We have paid out 17.1 billion Turkish liras to our employees, and the current amount is 260 billion Turkish liras.

– We have never oppressed our officials in the face of inflation.

– While the lowest salary for civil servants was only 392 TL, we increased it to 9105 TL in July 2022.

-The last 20 years of Turkey went down in history as the years when employees were the strongest against inflation and were never crushed.

The 2023 elections will also be a turning point in our escape from the intrigues of the six tables of the Turkish political scene.

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