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SHAFAQNA TÜRKITE- İBB Transport Coordination Center (UKOME) to determine the increased public transport fare for 2023, dr. We gathered at the Center for Show and Art by architect Kadir Topbash.

Since the regular December meeting of UKME, which took place last week, was held without a minimum wage, an extraordinary meeting was held today. The meeting was chaired by IMM Secretary General Can Akın Caglar.

In the tariff proposal presented at the meeting, due to the increase in costs, it was proposed to increase the cost of travel by 29.10 percent in an electronic ticket, fixed-route taxi, taxi and minibus and increase the service fee by 19.95 percent. The hop-on hop-off taxi fare was offered a 42 percent increase.

The proposal was accepted and in accordance with the decision taken, the new rates for Bus, Metro, Metrobus, Marmaray, Taxi, Minibus, Minibus and Services were determined as follows:

• Full price of e-ticket from 7.67 to 9.90 TL.

• The cost of a student e-ticket is from 3.74 to 4.83 Turkish lira.

• Teacher e-ticket fee from TL 5.49 to TL 7.09.

• Full subscription fee from 602 TL to 777 TL

• Student subscription fee from 109 TL to 140 TL

• Fee for opening a taximeter in a yellow taxi from TL 9.80 to TL 12.65.

• Yellow taxi fare from 6.30 to 8.51 TL per km.

• Yellow taxi timetable fee is 100.80 TL from 67.20 TL per hour.

• The fare for a yellow taxi for short distances is from 28 to 40 Turkish lira.

• Fee for Hop-On Hop-Off minibus from 5.25 to 7 TL.

• School bus fare 0-1 km from 660 to 792 TL

• Personnel service for 10–17 seats (minibus). The fee is between 352.15 and 422.41 Turkish Liras.

• Long distance fare in Marmaray from 16.97 TL to 21.91 TL,

• Long-distance metrobus fares from 11.38 to 14.69 TL.


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