Increased amount required for intraosseous implant

SAFAKNA TURKEY – In a statement on his Twitter account, Minister Bilgin said: “The amounts paid by the Social Security Institution to our general health insurance holders have been increased as part of the Health System Implementation Communiqué. In this context, the amount paid to our citizens in the amount of 90 TL for each implant in bone implants has been increased to 750 TL. The amount paid for the intraosseous implant; Under the Law on Combating Terrorism from 700 Turkish Lira to 2500 Turkish Lira for veterans and invalids of service and war; It has been increased to 2,500 Turkish lira for those disabled in the line of duty and war, as well as for persons affected by terrorist attacks. The number of medical devices that our citizens use at home as part of outpatient treatment and special orthoses / prostheses for the needs of our veterans ranges from 50 to 100 percent; Amounts paid for glasses, lenses and frames were increased by 39 percent to 200 percent. With celiac disease and disorders of protein metabolism; Increased by 100 percent monthly cash payments for specially prepared flour and vital industrial products that patients consume due to their limited nutrition. Good luck to all our citizens,” he said.

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