Increasing bread and simide in Istanbul! Here are the new prices

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – While a kilogram of bread in Istanbul has increased to 35.5 Turkish liras, bread has been reduced from 240 grams to 230 grams and its price has been increased to 8 Turkish liras.

Bagels and pastries were 10 TL and buns were 12 TL.


Hasan Demir, former chairman of the Flour and Bakery Committee, said they expect the price of 240 grams of bread to be reduced to 230 grams and the price to be 8 Turkish Lira, while 200 grams of bread will be increased to 7 Lira. .

Demir said:

“The minimum wage has increased. At present, the worst bag of wheat on the market costs 500 lire. We expect this price to be at least 600 TL in the new crop. On the other hand, the Turkish Grain Council has been giving us flour for 350 liras for 1.5 years. However, since June this sale has been stopped.

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