Increasing consumption of alcohol and cigarettes – Last Minute Turkey and world news

SAFAKNA TURKEY – With the announcement by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) of the Domestic Producer Price Index (YİPPE) data for December, the rate of automatic increase in SCT fixed and minimum fixed amounts for alcohol and tobacco products was also determined.

In the second half of last year, D-PPI rose by 22.29 percent. In addition, fixed and minimum fixed amounts of SCT on alcohol and tobacco products will be increased at this rate.

The weight of alcoholic beverages and tobacco in the current inflationary basket is at the level of 4.31 percent. Cigarettes make up 4.04 points of them.

With the increase in tax, the minimum amount of specific tax on beer produced from malt is 5.39 lira.

Fresh grape wine (including fortified wines); The minimum fixed tax amount for grape must and sparkling wines is 179,1420 TL.

The minimum amount of special tax for vermouth and other fresh grape wines is 270.36 TL.

The minimum special tax amount is TL 214,703 for persons with an alcohol content of 18 percent or less by volume.

The minimum amount of the special tax for those with an alcohol level of 22 percent or more by volume has been listed at 736.77 liras and published.

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