Interest-free marriage loan for couples to get married!

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – Married couples are offered an interest-free loan. In the first two years, no payments will be made in the amount determined in the first period in the amount of 150 thousand liras. In the future, this amount may be increased depending on the conditions. The support announced in the SEP’s election manifesto will apply to all couples who marry, regardless of their age.

The 150,000 Turkish Lira loan will be repaid as principal in 48 months.

The marriage loan payments will be paid after 48 months only as principal. A total of 72 months payment plan will be offered. No payment will be made during the 24 months of this period. Thus, couples will not face a debt burden in the first 2 years of marriage. As part of family support programs, it is planned to introduce at least one employment model in each household.

It is planned to create a Family and Youth Bank as a source of marriage credit and family support. The bank that will serve the digital environment will receive its cash source from a fund created from Black Sea gas and other oil revenues. Thus, these incomes will be controlled by the bank and used for social support.


The declaration also announced new models that will be put into service for moms. In addition to working part-time, mothers will be able to choose flexible working hours or work remotely when they want to spend more time with their children. Fathers will be able to benefit from flexible working models in the same way as mothers. The same conditions will apply to adoptive parents.

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