Introducing the Trabzon Straw Bracelet made in Trabzon to the world.

SHAFAQN TÜRKİYR-While the Trabzon Straw Bracelet, which is produced only in Trabzon, has become known and exported to the world in recent years, Ali Yazici Chamber of Jewelers and Watchmakers: “We need to further develop and promote the Straw Bracelet, Kazazie and Filigree, unique to Trabzon,” he said.

In Trabzon, which is one of Turkey’s leading cities in the field of jewelry, in recent years, the Trabzon Straw Bracelet has begun to attract more attention with the arrival of Arab tourists, and it has been noted that it brings in about 50-60 million dollars. foreign exchange inflow per year in exports.

Noting that they have had a very good season as jewelers this year, Yazici said: “This year, we can say that we had a very good business potential, beyond what we expected. Especially in the Black Sea basin, in Trabzon, with the addition of domestic and foreign tourism, as well as Arab tourism and an abundance of weddings, we really found a season that exceeded all our expectations.

Now we see that Trabzon will not be a city that will grow through industry, but will grow through tourism, Trabzon has no other choice but tourism. We are trying to give more direction to tourism by continuing the developments related to the Straw Bracelet, Kazazi and Filigree, which are unique to Trabzon. We worked on the Jewelery City project for about 2-3 years and came to an end. We will build our jewelry city in the Moloz region, we will receive tourists there, exhibit our products there and sell them.

We cannot directly export jewelry from Trabzon. Zekeriya Tonyali, one of the jewelers, also said in a statement: “Our business has been more active and intense this year compared to the previous year. Even if it was not at the level we wanted, it was much better than during the pandemic.

Like the Eastern Black Sea region, our people have a great interest in gold. Because they view gold as an investment, expectations are always high. We have wire mesh bracelets that have been in production for years and filigree work has recently started.

Trabzon straw bracelet is exported all over the world, especially to Arab countries, Germany, England. This is the only place in the world where Trabzon straw bracelets are made. I assume that the export potential is 50-60 million dollars a year,” he said.

Pointing to rumors that a gram of gold could reach TL 1,400 before New Year’s Eve, Toniali said: “A gram of gold is stable. Now it is over a thousand pounds.

However, it is not clear where the global economic crisis will reach and when it will break out. Our estimate, according to the information we received, is very likely to be between 1200 and 1400 Turkish lira before the New Year. Gold is always a profitable investment,” he said.

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