Investor Mobius warned: be careful when investing in China! – News details

ISTANBUL (IGFA) – Investor Mark Mobius, in an interview with Fox Business, said that the Chinese government is trying to limit the outflow of money, and used the phrase “You need to be very, very careful when investing in China.”

It was stated that Mobius wanted to make a money transfer from Shanghai HSBC to sell the property and failed.

Although the details of the remittance are unclear, other domestic and foreign investors in China are also experiencing similar problems, according to news in Ekonomis Magazine.

While the Chinese government responded to these claims by Mobius, the authorities denied Mobius’s claims and stated that no change had taken place in the transfer of capital abroad.

A spokesman for HSBC China, who declined to comment on personal accounts, said there were no requests from Chinese regulators to restrict capital flows.

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