Is it possible to get rid of joint calcifications?

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – Basaksehir Cham and head of the department of interventional radiology at Sakura City Hospital prof. Dr. Ozgur Kılıçkmez explained that one of the most common diseases in people is arthritis of the knees due to the fact that they carry the body.

Stating that joint calcification is commonly found in the spine, hips and fingers, Kılıçkemez said, “Joint calcification is a phenomenon caused by aging. In overworked, tired, and overworked joints, the amount of cartilage decreases with weight gain and cartilage loss occurs. The soft tissues in the joint become affected and cause chronic discomfort such as meniscus, torn ligaments, and bone degeneration. This is what we call calcification.”

“Overweight can cause arthritis in the waist and knees”

prof. Dr. Kılıçkesmez emphasized that joint calcification is quite common in those who use the knee joint a lot, those who bend their knees all the time, those who sit with their knees bent, and those who are overweight.

Kılıçkesmez stated that excess weight can cause osteoarthritis of the waist and knee, and when the first complaints begin, rest, simple painkillers, and sometimes physiotherapy are enough to solve the problem.

“Stem cells derived from abdominal fat do not decrease with age”

Kılıçkesmez stated that stem cell therapy can be applied when problems persist and continued as follows:

“Injections such as hyaluronic acid or PRP can be done into the knee joint. These are short acting drugs. Scientific studies have proven that stem cell therapy is the most effective treatment for joint calcification. Stem cells are our mother cells that can regenerate, multiply and transform into various tissues. We can get it from the pelvis or belly fat. Stem cells derived from abdominal fat can be up to 100 times more abundant than others and do not decrease with age. We can aspirate stem cells from abdominal fat under local anesthesia, process them in kits, and inject them into the joint after 30 minutes. The process is completed in 1 hour. There is no serious pain, there may be small bruises. We use stem cell therapy in the knee, hip and shoulder joints. These stem cells have a healing and tissue-repairing effect at an early stage of calcification.”

Kılıçkesmez stated that stem cell therapy is beneficial in the respective patient for joint calcification, and that this treatment is also beneficial for meniscal tears, muscle and tendon injuries, and avascular necrosis, in addition to calcification.

“Treatment that can prevent prosthetics and stop bad entry”

prof. Dr. Özgur Kılıçkmez stated that the patient was discharged immediately after treatment and said: “In order for these cells to fulfill their duties, physical activity must be restricted for 15 days. In diseases of the joints, success in treatment is provided by the person’s own stem cells. Stem cell therapy is a functional treatment that can cure a certain group of patients, prevent or at least prolong the process of prosthetics, stop the deterioration. It is important to do this in the right patients,” he said.

Emphasizing that stem cell therapy has no side effects, Kılıçkemez said: “We obtain stem cells from patients’ own cells. Therefore, no allergic reaction or side effects are observed. The tissues we receive do not cause any problems, as they are fully compatible with our own immunological factors. We get stem cells mainly from belly fat. There may be bruising and slight tingling of the skin for up to 15 days due to the traumatic effect.

Kılıçkesmez suggested that those who are eligible for stem cell therapy should receive this treatment without sitting at home feeling depressed after succumbing to pain due to functional limitations.

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